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Rose is also shown toward of many days become an animal partner

Flower along with starred in three episodes out-of Blank Colony, entitled Uncommon Bedfellows, Dr. Weston and you will Mr. Hyde , plus one episode of Nurses, entitled Begone on the Piece of cake.

St. Olaf [ ]

From inside the show’s 7-12 months manage, St. Olaf was just seen twice within the flashbacks and once in the event the people went to during the an episode where Flower are selected having St Olaf’s lady of the season honor, ultimately winning a silver trophy, or rather, a dairy chocolates trophy wrapped in gold-colored foil. Predicated on Flower, St. Olaf is a great Norwegian farming settlement into the northern Minnesota, known for the local permit dishes once the “Big Statue Country.”. According to Dorothy, although not, St. Olaf is actually “the brand new cradle out-of idiocy.”

The metropolis was still referred to atlanta divorce attorneys episode as a consequence of Rose’s drawn-out and you can comical (yet , completely irrelevant) anecdotes about the eccentric society, unconventional customs, and you will unusual records. Men called Hans, Lars, Ingmar, Sven, individuals enjoy that have herring, Viking images, and you may a stunning lack of sound judgment showed because of the townspeople, figured for the many tales. Particularly, Rose are the one to revive new idiom “don’t you have sufficient sense to come during the out of the precipitation?” immediately after going to competition town St. Gustaf (“the city you to never ever naps”). Among St. Olaf’s head sites try a big black hole, that townspeople enjoyed position to and seeking on – and this motivated Dorothy to refer in order to St. Olaf sarcastically as real “activity investment worldwide.” St. Olafians and enjoy individuals unusually styled celebrations.

Passion [ ]

In the event all four people volunteered its date, Flower was probably the essential involved in foundation really works. She drove a beneficial bookmobile, try a chocolates largemouth bass at a medical facility, and you may aided organize a foundation ability tell you, among other things. She indexed mozzarella cheese and then make because the a hobby on her behalf resume, also. She is a recurrent runner-up having a volunteer of 12 months prize, also to arrive 2nd one-seasons to help you a lady who had been already lifeless. Depending on the episode Nice and easy, Rose was also keen on this new hit television collection Miami Vice, and that’s slightly expert about show’s trivia.

Flower is additionally seen as somewhat imaginative and you can aesthetic. She features playing piano and songwriting/singing. Flower has also been shown molding clay regarding the seasons 2 event “Immediately after which There can be One to” plus its an experienced artist, competent adequate to enjoys five illustrations available to become installed inside a museum. Rose and additionally screens the lady invention in her own cooking, providing her dining smiley face or reducing him or her into the sexy contour. Particularly Sophia, Rose can be seen stitching or knitting demonstrating the woman demand for textile arts and additionally okay arts. Further collectively which mention, Flower is also tricky and useful. She installed another type of restroom with the help of Dorothy, and a security alarm all on her individual.

Rose is even a little domestic. The woman is viewed cooking or cooking just as much as Sophia is. Whereas Sophia tends to cook savory items, Rose is competent in the preparing and you may baking. The woman is will whipping-up an effective Scandinavian dessert of pies, so you’re able to snacks so you’re able to cakes and even Sparehooven Krispies. Their liked having baked merchandise comes from the woman sweet enamel that she said she got regarding season step 1 finale, it may be regarding living to your a milk ranch, because the milk is actually a switch compound in a lot of cooked situations.

Should it be cats and dogs otherwise cows and birds, Flower loves the creatures small or big. In fact, she also states learn dogs chatting with a great mouse you to receive their way to your household back to seasons step one. The woman love for pets is going to be Massachusetts sugar babies at the cost of the woman friend’s irritation because Rose usually shelters pet without warning Blanche and Dorothy.