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I found V’s sex very difficult to identify

He virtually treats extremely affiliate differently and it’s really hard to share with be it simply platonic or if you will find an attraction here. not, I finally chosen my estimation. I think V is bicurious. I don’t believe he or she is fully upright by about-the-views video footage which shows V is simply a little unlock that is more than friendly along with other users; however, I can’t consider he could be totally homosexual. I’m afraid it description is pretty quick however, We actually is forgotten having terms, he or she is a mysterious man.

Okay so i possess another one or two alternatives such as I did so that have V and you can Suga. The first are Jungkook is completely upright, definitely a ladies boy. Option a couple of is actually bicurious. My commonplace belief is the fact Jungkook is straight. This is certainly for a lot of explanations, top getting their straight masculinity advanced. This isn’t given that he’s homophobic, however it is just like the he or she is end up being a xxx child, he or she is turned of attractive Kookie in order to a grown Jeon Jungkook one wants to search due to the fact masculine and you may aroused that one can. I believe it’s a hormone point, I don’t know. Anyway, let us circulate to my second theory. Jungkook I believe get a tiny suffocated making use of the babying and fanservice the guy receives out-of particular participants *cough cough* Jimin! But he still seems an interest to 1, if you don’t a couple of players. To conclude; upright but keen on romantic male(s).

You may not have seen but doing something which are typically extremely gay renders Jungkook feel like their masculinity will be ripped to shreds

Jimin is the simply affiliate I will undoubtedly say was gay, zero concern regarding it. There are sooo multiple reasons why I think this, so I am try here going to just condition many. Okay let’s simply take a scenario, whenever Jimin met Tony from inside the…I’m forgetting title, Hustle Lives? Jimin instantaneously heated to his co-star (although we most of the know that so it love is one-sided). The guy shyly linked hands which have Tony and you may really noticed wet when he had been complimented from the their beloved Tony. It actually was clear that Jimin was feeling a destination so you can Tony. Okay today i grab some other user with the scene. J-vow. I believe Jimin has actually realized J-vow is actually gay which is the reason why they directly search lured, because it’s something that they display. not, it is obvious that Jimin strives to possess men notice and you may is usually denied since the he is thus upright-submit, boyant and you may wants to flaunt their stomach of course they can to result in the fans scream. I believe, Jimin ‘s the flirtiest and most touchy-feels to your most other players. He could be and certainly not shy in terms of fanservice. Eg J-guarantee, Jimin can disregard the girls idols until they truly are starting. There are more factors however, I think you earn the fresh part. Sorry girls but in achievement; totally gay.

To summarize; bicurious otherwise bisexual and leaning toward women

Tell me what you believe! Sorry basically are rambling but I’d too much to say inside a primary place. Could you concur or disagree having one?

I should forget the typical homosexual son label, but I am not saying utilizing it adversely right here thus I will score in the future with this specific. Basically, J-guarantee are homosexual. At the very least I believe. His excessively (but not into the an adverse means) keen characteristics and generally girly dance provides provided me to faith that it. You fangirls and you can fanboy was treated to help you an excellent forfeit hug ranging from J-hope and you can V not long ago hence provided me with specific tip precisely how homosexual J-pledge try. He conveyed zero sense of dread and you may don’t seem at all bothered, I think the guy also enjoyed it. In my opinion if he was upright he’d have had good pleasure one made your go overboard his fear your claiming such things as “try not to rush myself!” Or “I do not should do that it!” Alternatively the guy just adopted into the with it. J-promise may also getting really close physically along with other players and you will I believe he could be delighted into reality fanservice can be found. J-vow plus will often forget about women idols if they are up to or participate in its enjoyable. To close out; gay.