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Making car payments on for my auto loan with PNC is totally unacceptable

I do not like how this bank doesn’t help customers

This is ridiculous. I have to jump through hoops every month. I will start looking for someone else to refinance my loan. Bruce Bryant.

I was getting fed up with having to physically go to the bank to make a payment on my loan and decided to set up online payment and re-occurring payments. What a mistake! I should have stuck with the 20 minute process of getting the money out of one bank and taking it to PNC myself! When you go to PNC’s website to make a payment, you can’t unless you have a checking account with them. There is no way to use a different account or card. When I called to ask them how I do this, I was told to go to CLCINFO. When I went to the website, my account number did not work. That’s because they don’t tell you that your account number must have two extra zeros in it! How in the world are you, as a consumer, supposed to know that!? I mean they ask for the account number, not some made up number. I finally get in and set up then https://americashpaydayloan.com/pawn-shops-ky/ put in that I want auto payments to come out on the due date of the 15th of the month. Well, they changed that to the 13th and they debit my account on the 11th. I have had to cover my overdrawn account three times now. I tried to call PNC to change the payment date. They can’t help me and tell me to go to the site. Well, the site won’t let me on. Finally get to log on and I don’t see how to change the date. There is NO contact number on the site. The rep from PNC dug up a phone number for me and it’s a call center out of the country. I finally get to change the payment date and am informed that if the payment day falls on a Monday, it will be processed (and put in pending, therefore deducted from my account) on that Friday before. Once this loan is done, I am NEVER doing business with PNC again.

My experience with PNC auto loan payments has been so frustrating that I would rather go with a higher interest rate than deal with PNC ever again!

I am having the same problem as everyone else. I can’t find anything on how to set up payments to an auto loan online. I have tried to call PNC twice now. I had to hang up after 15 minutes on hold the first time. Today tried again and have been on hold for 13 minutes. Hung up again. I am using up cell phone minutes unnecessarily. It shouldn’t be such a problem in finding where I can set up online auto payments. However, in reading some posts here maybe it would be for the best not to.

If you have your bank app on your phone your bank can store the info needed so you can just enter the amount to pay and press send payment. It’s so easy and definitely worth looking into.

They have online payments for home mortgages but not auto loans

Just spoke to a pnc representative. The only way to pay online is the clcinfo site. Otherwise you need to obtain a bank account but then you get charged a monthly maintenance fee. You can pay over phone but then you get charged $10. You can send in automatic withdrawals if you mail them a request and check – wow no fee for that! (Note my sarcasm!). Seems pretty ridiculous to me. Hope this info helps someone out!