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51 French Swear Terminology so you’re able to Curse and Cuss Such a city

Heard the words ‘putain’ , ‘merde’ , ‘bordel’ into the France or ‘tabarnak’ when you look at the Quebec? It’s impossible to state your chat French otherwise know specific French claim terms and conditions. Thanks to this post, you will learn numerous claim terms and conditions and insults to curse such as a beneficial French individual! So we added some of the most prominent claim terminology off Quebec, Canada.

Studying swear words in the French allows you to drench yourself inside French-talking culture. Some of these obscene French conditions will make you feel a great nothing shameful if you don’t surprise you. But do not care and attention, if you offend some one, you can fault they with the reading the language ??

You might not understand these claim terminology in school. You’ll never listen to her or him if you do not spending some time during the an excellent French-speaking country otherwise accept a beneficial French family relations. French clips are an easy way to learn curse conditions but one has to be cautious to determine him or her.

Both, i usually ignore swear terms and conditions as their vulgarity bothers united states. not, an extremely really serious study conducted by researchers from the College or university regarding Rochester in the us, discovered that brilliant men and women are likely to claim.

Still, you’re going to have to beat their pity and you can prudishness understand some of these conditions, nonetheless you will definitely be useful if someone else flames you into the Reddit. I’ve build a listing of swear conditions, curse conditions and you can insults you have to see to help you swear for example brand new residents. Be ready due to the fact many of them are very racy!

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Definitely probably the most popular French swear-word. Virtually, it indicates ‘whore’ but its fool around with is close to ‘fuck’ when you look at the English. Discover it employed in different facts to share with you fury, surprise and you may love. In a nutshell, a complete directory of emotions. Even after looks, that isn’t perhaps one of the most vulgar French swear conditions. But, obviously, this will depend with the perspective.


That is another of the very most prominent claim conditions from inside the French. They means into the new English terms ‘shit’ otherwise ‘crap’. You can use it to declare that something was out of really crappy quality or that someone was a highly crappy people. It may also reference emotions such as for instance surprise or dissatisfaction as in ‘holy shit’.


Other really versatile French swear terms and conditions. They actually function ‘brothel’ however it is play with is comparable the expression ‘ putain ‘.

Putain de- merde / Bordel de merde / Putain de- bordel de merde

Talking about about three quite common combos of your swear conditions said a lot more than. All of them shall be words off fury otherwise outrage and you can is going to be interpreted because ‘for fuck’s sake’, ‘goddammit’ or ‘bloody hell’. However, the mixture by using the top quantity of swear terminology we.elizabeth. ‘ putain de bordel de merde ‘ suggests the best height towards the level out https://i.pinimg.com/originals/b2/fd/3f/b2fd3f2af830db1c0e8f141c72e03c19.jpg” alt=”waplog MobilnГ­ strГЎnka”> of feelings!

Nom de- dieu / Nom de- dieu de- merde

A very blasphemous swear definition ‘for God’s sake’ or ‘holy shit’ might feel highlighted adding ‘merde’, are after that ‘for shitty God’s sake’. It is also interpreted since the ‘goddamn’. Things for everybody!

Ostie [Quebec]

Here is the French Canadian type of ‘ putain ‘. ‘ Ostie ‘ comes from the expression ‘ hostie ‘ and therefore mode ‘host’. That it swear-word is obviously blasphemous, like any Quebec claim conditions. It’s used such as the f-word when you look at the English.